Sunday, October 10

Broadcasters who sell their souls to the NY Yankees

Oct. 5 2010 comments on ESPN's Baseball Tonight

Regarding Baseball Tonight's attempt to preview the ALDS:

Did Yankee $$$ buy your cohunes? Long ago I realized broadcasters gave up objectivity for Lent but I mean really peeps, c’mon! Let’s review:

 Enough Sabathia glory to make me puke. I don’t recall hallowed ground in Cleveland.

 Instead of a has-been Petite is Superman’s clone.

 Burnett isn’t starting? Is he gonna pout? OMG it must be important cuz it is taking time away from pitchers who ARE STARTING.

 Sabathia again. 3 days rest? Good God almighty call out the Guard.

 One measly mention of Pavano (probably threw him a bone due to former Yankee status). Nothing about the Liriano’s improvement. Nothing about Duensing stepping up. Nope. No stories there.

There is a cure for the disease commonly known as WWYD*. Do an hour every day revolving around the illustrious Yankees. Then do 30 min featuring other teams.

I must give kudos for calling out Ray’s fans for lack of support. Twins sell out most of their games. Analogy? Fans are to Rays what coverage is to Twins.

BTW Twin’s fans will be waving Homer Hankies, tipping some Buds & listening to Bert Blyleven.

Kind regards,

EJ Young

*WWYD: Disorder caused by hypnotic effects of pinstripes and dollars signs whirling, confirmed at ESPN sites across the country.

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