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Help Andy beat brain cancer

day after surgery
Andrea Eilertson, a former athlete and police officer, was diagnosed with Grade 2 oligoastrocytoma following brain surgery in August of 2010. Most of her tumor was surgically removed during an awake craneotomy at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, IA.
An oncologist and radiologist recently consulted with Andrea about a treatment plan. She is traveling to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for their recommendation. A clinical trial for patients with her type of incurable cancer has helped some patients extend their lives by several years. She is hoping to be accepted for a similar clinical trial at Mayo Clinic.Donations of any amount will help her with medical deductibles,  treatment costs not covered by insurance and funds for room and board during out patient treatment.

Any financial assistance during this difficult time would help relieve some stress and allow her to focus on her fight against cancer. As a young woman with a positive attitude who was in good physical health prior to her diagnosis, maybe she will be the one to beat the odds against this disease.

Andrea has not been able to work due to health since late June. She has applied for long-term disability through her job as a weapons trainer and field instructor with a company contracted by Homeland Security. To date she has not been approved. If/when she is approved she will get paid 60% of her salary. Her wish is to remain as independent as possible during treatment and the consequences of her disease. Without help, that will not be possible.

with her grandpa on sr. day at U of KY

Due to her deep sense of faith, she believes that everything happens for a reason and is a peace results of treatment and prognosis. She plans to fight every day with every bit of her energy but fears if she survives the disease, due to financial consequences (from not being able to work) she will lose her home, her job and her credit rating needed to rebuild a new life. 
Thanks for considering a donation to Andrea's fund to fight brain cancer. Please share information with appropriate parties who could help.
For more information about types of brain tumors and treatments, go to:

Minnesota Twins dreamin'

Minnesota Twins Dreamin’

by a life-long groupie and stalker of all things Twins

Just like Cinderella I got to go to the ball in the fall way back in the year nineteen hundred and eighty seven. World Series game 1 Minnesota Twins vs St. Louis Cardinals. The proverbial once in a life time deal.

Got the ticket because my friend worked at a bank owned by Carl Pohlad the owner of the Twins and they had season tickets but somebody got sick and she knew I was a fan and I was poor and there was this ticket and I think I wrote a check to her for the price of the ticket and the check probably bounced. But I was at the WW'87 sittin' right there behind third base in the prime seats between people who could afford to buy a ballpark beer. And, breathe!

It was all the clichés and cheesy stuff you read about. The atmosphere, the noise, the excitement, the cold beer soaking my Twins T-shirt--stories I've told my children and I'll tell my granddaughter. Yup, I was a Minnesota Twins fan way before being a Twins fan was ever cool. Way before wanna be’s jumped on the bandwagon.

Inspirational but disillusioned.

As a young 'un I remember snuggling under the covers with a tiny transistor radio set on WNAX in Yankton, SD settling in to listen to my Twins. Harmon Killebrew. Tony Oliva. Rod Carew, Bert Blyleven. Heroes to me. Then I was at the HHH Metrodome to see my new heroes Kent Hrbek, Tom Brunansky, Dan Gladden and Kirby Puckett. All the clichés apply here-I was like a kid in a candy store or at Christmas yadda yadda yadda. No, people I didn't have enough money for a beer and I didn't even give a crap. I was living a dream. I can still hear the roar of the crowd; see the Homer Hankies swirling in the stands, still feel the cold wetness of the beer the stumbly guy behind me dumped on my Twin’s T-shirt. Who cares? I didn't pay for it, right?

Flash forward and here we go again. Things have changed. I still can't afford a ballpark beer but there's a new stadium, a new Twin's team and the same old (literally) fan sniffing’ around for tickets.

I am sittin' at my computer, cocked glasses, half cup of cold coffee, smushed bedhead hair, drooling about tickets for the playoffs. Fired up the laptop, clicked up three open windows and I was rollin'! Virtual waiting room on two machines with four open windows. Yessss! This is the life for a Twin's fan that waited nigh on 20 year since my boys made the big show.

When I fantasized about Hrbek when I was 30 that was probably normal and okay. Now when I think of Joe Mauer's spikes under my bed it seems more pathetic than naughty. I remember buying a king-sized sheet at Goodwill and painted the words angled from the bottom left corner to the top right: “How do you spell hunk? H-R-B-E-K!” We tied it on the railing in the upper deck cheap seats. But, row one is row one. We’d stand outside the gates and dash for the seats when the doors opened two hours before game time.

And now it's 2010 and my guys have another shot at the big time . . .

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