Tuesday, March 2

Another Colbert Nation groupie at Olympics

Just another lesson in how/why we shouldn't take life so seriously. PLUS, a reminder of funny Canadian 'stuff' like take off hoser and let's watch Strange Brew again, eh? Ah, the Great White North.

So after I watched Stephen Colbert crawl into the fireplace (to show how "real" NBC makes the set) during an interview with Bob Costas, I'd say he's added another element to Olympic viewing. He definitely got lots of attention for the speed skating team that they would not have enjoyed without Colbert's sponsorship. Of course, the funny video of the interview has been copyright claimed by the Olympics. For now anyway, all uploads of the video seem to be off limits. Log in to www.colbertnation.com to watch shows featuring some of the Olympic medal winners and all of his hilarious Vancouver broadcasts.
From talking Bob Costas into riding a stuffed moose to accusing the Canadians of cheating and calling them out as "syrup suckers" Colbert's antics made the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics much more fun to watch. Yes, we tune in to see great athletes. Yes, I love to see dreams come true and all that fluffy stuff. But, I also really love it when a pretend sportscaster sings the national anthem(s) with a famed Canadian singer, or offers a beer to a medal winner or proclaims himself "assistant team psychologist" and proceeds to show viewers how he motivated these great athletes to capture medals. For the most part, the athletes seemed good natured. After all, Colbert served as primary sponsor prompting his loyal followers in the Colbert Nation to donate over $350,000 to the U.S. speed skating team. Even the previously disgruntled Shani Davis eventually came around and fended off Colbert in a skating "challenge". Record setting medalist Apolo Anton Ohno said he loves The Colbert Report and followed up with an appearance. Good answer! Merging the popularity of Ohno and Colbert could be so hot viewers might be tempted to miss viewing some shallow show- hmmm, (which one shall I pick?) like the Bachelor or Bachelorette.
Colbert, through his narrow-minded conservative character, does a great job of underscoring problems in politics, in society, with bears . . . pretty much all things important. Viewing The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report not only gives me a great daily dose of laughter (it's good for you to laugh, you know) but viewers get a good idea as to what's going on in the world. It's ironic-don't you think, that they often give a better picture of the news than supposed REAL news shows (like FOX-aka faux news). At least Comedy Central fake news is presented as such! But, that's a rant for another time.
Check out these Colbert articles and links to links: http://www.helium.com/zones/preview/9236
Stay tuned for The Biggest Loser! The show returns from a break due to Olympic cover. Yes, I am a groupie but it's all good. Maybe I will lose a few ounces or become inspired to eat a healthy meal. Stranger things have happened so stop laughing!
There's just something sooo hopeful about watching a 500lb guy workout and lose weight while I sit on the couch and enjoy my bushel of buttered popcorn, thinking how I will start my diet tomorrow.

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