Saturday, March 27

Tim gets cocky . . . and lucky to stay

Paige got the ticket home which was okay. Simon told her it didn't matter how well she sang because all the judges agreed they weren't going to use their save to keep her around! Shoot! Paige seems nice and kinda innocent so that comment was kinda mean. Whoopeee Simon the jerk is back. That adds some excitement to a bad boring week waste of time American Idol session.
Maybe Usher can pull some notes outta somewhere. But, the genre of blues scares me. Let the howling begin.

And these are the finalists? From boring to bad AI March 34

March 24 Idol
Let’s see. Overall, the performances of tonight’s top 11 contestants shocked me into sitting with my big mouth hanging open while staring blankly at the TV. It’s a good thing my groupiness is embedded so deep it can’t be easily removed because after these pathetically shabby outings I’d like to get on the train and head out of the city. That’s where most of the bunch should be headed. Outta town and off the stage.

Crystal Bowersox took Janis Joplin and Bobby McGee to a better place with her unique gospel/blues/rock rendition. Love the song. Loved this version. Love Bowersox. She is bonified. She is a keeper. Still true to herself as an artist, she didn’t jump through Kara’s idiotic hoops to “do more” or push harder or whatever daily spew Kara’s regurgitating. Simon got it right when he said she’s a true artist and she nailed it. He compared her version to Pink saying it was just as good. Yahoo! Kudos for Crystal. Just hope Simon didn’t jinx her with fans. She spruced up her image a bit but still looked like Crystal’s persona with a belted hippiesque sundress and some flashy bedazzled jewelry.

What else happened on Idol? Can you hear a downward whistling sound with a crash at the end? That’s what happened. At the very bottom of the dung pile? Tim Urban. Little kids can sing better. My dog can sing better. (Wait. I don’t have a dog.) His attempted slick dance move of sliding on the stage while holding the microphone looked like a baseball player impersonation. I think he was safe at second base, but he has gotta be out of the Idol game. Embarrassing for the judges that he’s even there. Ditto for Andrew Garcia. Double ditto for Paige. Double double ditto for Didi. Bad. Doodoo. Poo. A poopy deal all around from that foursome (Tim/Andrew/Paige/Didi). Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

Aaron, Michael, Casey okay. Casey and Huey Lewis do not mix-kinda like pig and elephant DNA (it just don’t splice, ask Chef). Aaron hit a couple notes and Michael hit most of his notes that sounded the same as every song he sings every week. Smooth and seriously single layer mediocre. Those three okay. I mean I didn’t fall asleep and I didn’t cover my ears. I think a yawned a couple times, though. Katie? Not really that okay to me (but Ellen said it was her best yet) but at least she looked normal instead of dressed for the miss teen beauty pageant.

Michael Deweze was okay. Not an unusually good song for an unusually good voice. I wanna hear him do Kings of Leon. C’mon Lee! ! Let’s hear you rock that raspy sound.

Siobahn Magnus looked like a star and sounded like one for part of her song. Loved the version of Superstition. As mentor Miley Cirus put it, her voice has “swagger”. BUT, she has gotta get over the scream. Holy screamin meemies Batman. Use it to surprise or contrast, but you can’t throw back and scream off key every time. It turns from idolistic to alarmistic real quick when it’s your calling card. Just sing please. Thank you.

Who will go? A better question is Who really cares? As long as it’s not Crystal and probably Siobahn I’m good. It won’t be Casey, Big Mike, Michael or Aaron either. Take Tim or Paige or Katie or Andrew or Didi or . . .

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