Friday, January 27

It's All about the Greedy

Not gonna deny it. I am sitting in my office weeping.  Thinking about disabled kids and their
caretakers. Trying to understand why people support such cowards.

Add the imminent repeal of the Affordable Care Act  to cutting SSI (Supplemental Social Income)  and this pathetic President might as well write another infamous executive order announcing death sentences to millions of helpless patients.  The impact will be brutal.

I realize this administration values profit more than people.  I realize the rich are often out of touch with everyday people.  It seems the President is more obsessed with himself than with common people. That doesn’t give greedy politicians the right to cause suffering.  Taking vital services from the neediest, most vulnerable   Americans  is shameful.

Personal experience

From a personal perspective, I know all about the cruelty of government greed. I put myself through college, got a job as a teacher, earned measly money but had great insurance.  With a disabled daughter, insurance was a big relief. That was way back when I was so na├»ve I thought the insurance company was trying to help me.

When I planned to relocate for a better position, insurance was a problem.  If I took a job offering anything other than good old blue insurance, my disabled daughter wouldn’t be covered.   Pre-existing condition.  I found another school with the infamous blue company. Then, a few years later when she turned 18, the good old blue cut her from my insurance plan.  All kinds of drama and trauma.

Her prescriptions cost more than my monthly check.  In an effort to get paid, a clinic receptionist told me about the SSI program.  I don’t know how my daughter could have survived without SSI.  And Medicaid. Long story.

Incompetent Greedy Politicians

I was gullible about insurance. But, the politicians had no clue about the programs.  The hypocritical asses sent me a note stating SSI would be cut to encourage me to get a job.  What a bunch of clowns.
One look at the application: Single mother.  As dense as they often are, the staff assumed I wasn’t working because I was a single mom.  I don’t think they enjoyed my call suggesting they do their jobs instead of me proving mine. 

The rationale of caretakers collecting SSI to get out of working shows the stupidity of those suggesting the cuts. Another ridiculous observation, “SSI imposes no work requirements on parents and does not explicitly limit how long they may receive benefits as long as the child remains medically and financially eligible." They need to look up the definition of ‘disabled’. 

Politicians Should Represent Us

If you are a parent of a disabled child the level of care can be overwhelming.  Many children with disabilities require special care often provided by a parent. Many of the disabled were born with a condition lasting a lifetime. The idea of kicking a child off insurance with a permanent disability due to a time limit is inhumane. 

The $600 (approximate) used for treatments, equipment, prescriptions, doesn’t allow a caretaker to lounge at home.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the politicians willing to cut SSI don’t appreciate the challenge of caring for a child with special needs.  In order to receive SSI children “must have marked and severe functional limitations.”  Politicians have been willing to put mentally ill and disabled adults on the street. I am hoping they’re not so addicted to money they do the same to a child.

SSI hasn’t been chopped yet.  If enough people call their representatives and tell them not to touch SSI, there’s a chance they will listen.  At the very least we need to expose the greed of the rich and their inability to do the right thing.
Trump and friends are seriously considering cutting SSI.  They won't consider holding back on tax breaks for the wealthy.  It’s what’s important to them.  Money.  With over 60% of Americans saying the wealthy should pay more taxes, they’re not listening. It’s not an option.

Remind Congress of their job description.  They seem to have forgotten who they represent. Politicians represent the highest bidder.  It’s time for them to represent voters. Otherwise, we are reliving the taxation without representation era.

Congress contacts are listed here:
Millions in New York offer to pay higher taxes

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