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Taxation without Representation Results in F- Grade for Iowa Congressmen

I recently clicked on an e-mail from Congressman Bruce Braley,  Have you seen instances of waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars in your community, but felt like no one was listening?

Well, yes Rep. Braley. Strange that you should ask. I was just thinking about all the wasted money and fraudulent actions of those who waste a huge amount of taxpayer's hard-earned money.
That would be your cronies All the Iowa politicians in Congress whose salaries, travel expenses, health care, retirement and other benefits suck big bucks right out of our pockets. We might as well shred it. IOW many Iowa Congressmen are NOT representing the views of Iowans. Yet, Iowans continue to pay taxes. I think I've heard of such a scheme.

The new and improved taxation without representation scheme

Dear Iowa Senators and Representatives: You are not doing your job. When we pay taxes and vote for you, then you are supposed to represent our views and vote accordingly. But that doesn't seem to be happening. So I am asking (in the words of Janet Jackson) What have you done for me lately?

The once honorable Sen. Charles Grassley
has changed his view to align w party
extremists. From background checks to
Violence Against Women, he's learned to
flip-flop with the best of them. Either he
thinks we are stupid, he is out of touch
with Iowans or he doesn't care. He will not
vote to represent the views of Iowans. His
loyalty stays with those with the money and
power to stuff his bank account. It's way
past retirement time for Chuck.

1. You showed your true colors by allowing flexibility for TSA cuts due to Sequester. Why? It helps YOU smooze around the country. It doesn't help me. Or those who can not afford to fly. Or most of your constituents. So, stop acting like you compromised or worked together for the greater good. It was for your own good. It was just another selfish act from selfish people.
2. You ignored overwhelming support for more comprehensive background checks for gun buyers. AKA selling out to the NRA. I guess you just can't resist the gun lobby and all the big bucks and benefits.    
3. Sen. Charles Grassley.  You insulted the intelligence of Iowans, patronized voters and looked like an idiot. You declared we shouldn't have a law for more comprehensive background checks. Why? Well, of course, it won't stop criminals for getting guns. Using that flawed logic there is no purpose for any law. We have all kinds of drug laws but people still make meth and deal. We  have immigration laws but people still cross the border illegally. I am not aware of ANY law followed by 100% of the population.
4.    Iowans pay taxes. Our taxes pay your salary, health insurance, retirement benefits and more.  Big bucks. In exchange, you are expected to do a job. You have not.  Instead you have obstructed government progress, refused to compromise, voted against your constituents views,  filibustered against bills you once favored. That is called Taxation without Representation.  As you recall, our forefathers experienced a similar problem.  Americans would not tolerate it then; we will not tolerate it now.

 For those who don't read well, here's a short list of your accomplishments.

    • Filibustered nearly any meaningful legislation (even those you once supported)
    • Obstructed government progress
    • Misrepresented those who pay your salary and benefits
    • Insulted taxpayer's intelligence
    • Failed to act in the best interest of the people resulting in infamous Sequester
    • Accepted taxpayer money w/o providing services
    • Voted against Violence against Women Act  (let's show racism against Native Americans, Grassley)
    • Acted as puppets for NRA in exchange for money
    • Prostituted yourselves to the highest bidder AKA NRA (alternate wording)
    • Politicized Marathon bombing (Grassley). (let's profile us some Muslims)
    • Allowed TSA flexibility over sequester cuts. This was the usual selfish act. You helped yourselves and those who can afford to fly often. Not me. Not the majority of your constituents. As usual your action aids those with money who already have power. How about repealing the entire infamous sequester?
As President Abraham Lincoln once observed, Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.  You got called out, sir. Your character (or lack thereof) is showing.
If you are not willing to do your job, then give our money back and go home. Really.

Sen. Grassley must be attempting to gain ground on Steve
King (left) AKA as an embarrassment to the state or
Iowa's Big Mouth, Wingnut, hypocrite who says he wants
smaller gov't  (translation: fewer regulations to allow people to live
their lives without gov't interference (translated that means let people
make money even if it is unethical, illegal and hurtful to others.)
Then he supports more gov't regulation to invade the private lives
(and bodies) of female voters by telling them when they can have
a family, who they can love and marry, what to believe, don't
need background check for guns but by God don't try to use
your right to vote until we check you out, immigrants are like
animals. . . IOW he's your garden variety type bigot.
In reality, he'd like to replace the Constitution with the Bible. And, he
wants to be the cult leader who makes the call on when to
drink the Kool-Aid that his wife will mix up for him in the
kitchen where she belongs.
Rep. Braley (right) forwarded the'tell me if any poor people got to eat too 
much' e-mail. He should know better. Innocent enough in concept. 
Consequences? Nope.










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