Monday, January 24

Bowersox: She ain't no farmer's daughter anymore

Farmer's Daughter by Crystal Bowersox. First CD released by 2010 American Idol runnerup. I'm thinkin' the big goal for future contestants should be to aim for second place! With the exception of the exceptionally talented duo of the very first Idol, Kelly Clarkson, and the top selling Idol, Carrie Underwood, second place is the hot spot. Hmmm, Clay Aiken? Adam Lambert? (yes, I am glambert groupie) David Archuleta? I'm guessin' they fared waaaaaaaay better than the "winners". What happened to that creepy white/gray haired guy anyway?!

The Bowersox CD pulled in mixed reviews. Considering she wrote most of the music AND she's not an over-the-top attention grabber, some reviewers didn't get it.  As a Miranda Lambert groupie, I heard a tiny teeny touch of a spark of comparison in a couple songs (lyrics and style). Both women fend for themselves and the lyrics show it. You feel it.

Farmer's Daughter is simple and straightforward and powerful. Love her voice. Admire her talent. Impressed by her survival skills.  My favorites on Farmer's Daughter at this point:  #1 Farmer's Daughter- somehow I recognize how that first line feels . . . Halfway to crazy, not far from sane. Just one more been there, done that moment. #2 Holy Toledo & #3Arlene.   Check out the Farmer's Daughter video . . .

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