Saturday, August 7

So much excitement for an old lady!

Kissing with Ava and Anna or Anna lovin "uppy"
Iowa State Fair starts next week. American Idol tour is in Des Moines Aug. 26. My daughter painted my dining room this lovely aloe greenish color AND out little granddaughter Anna is finally potty trained! That's almost too much excitement for one old lady with a cane.
So many questions spin in my head:
Is there a new food on a stick this year at the fair?
What if Anna goes poo-poo in big girl pants at the fair?
How early do I need to line up in the 90 degree weather to see Vanilla Ice and Tone Loc at one of the free stages at the fair? And, are Zuba pants required? OMG. Ice Ice Baby and Funky Colemedina SWEETNESS.
Will Crystal Bowersox ask me to do an exclusive interview? Okay, that was a joke, but will I get her autograph?
I am giddy just thinking of about the music of Idols, Vanilla, Tone and many others in local hot spots. 
BTW The corn is really good this time of year PLUS it is quite good on a stick.
Ramblings temporarily off line . . .

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