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Rants from me from my Helium Challenge writer's rant thread ranting about reality show haters
Pre rant:

Whatever, Jim. Friday Night Lights?! I don't think so. Have you ever seen a little show called CSI? DUH! Sit-com? WHAT! have you even seen The Office? Either you were DWV (drunk while viewing) or just dumb lol (how is that for namecalling?!)

Welcome to newcomers!

Surprisingly, I must rant a bit. Sorry to start off on a negative note as I am not one to complain much. (Whoops! I just lied in an attempt to influence those who don’t know me. Just for once I’d like to know how it feels to sit back and keep my mouth shut. But, I won’t find out today:)

Now that everyone and their mom knows I like to bitch rant a little:

#1. ATTN: REALITY SHOW HATERS! subtitled: Do you burn books, too?!

All you reality show haters can just jump right off those high and mightly pedestals, K?! I tend to enjoy myself a good bad reality show from time to time. As a matter of fact (beings you asked) I am an official groupie of Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox-of American Idol fame and both the second-place finishers for the last two years. Crystal actually tweeted an article I wrote about her and tweeted me me a thank you,

Get on my retweet bandwagon here:  crystalbowersox Thank you! 6:15 PM Jul 24th via Twitter for Android Retweeted by you and 11 others

So, don’t be poppin’ my party with all your reality show hate. There are worse crap magnets in the world that demand your attention. We all have different interests AND I feel quite entitled to view MY show without some haters hating on it. Thank you very much.

As long as you are looking down that long nose stuck in the middle of those swollen heads, listen to this: I WILLINGLY ADMIT THAT I WATCH A SOAP OPERA ON A REGULAR BASIS. IF I CAN’T VIEW IT LIVE, I DVR IT SO I NEVER HAVE TO MISS AN EPISODE! So there. Now are you gonna kick me out of your elite little corner of academia for wasting my brain cells. Huh?

That’s what I thought!!! Now, back off and let me be entertained in whatever pathetic style I choose. I am gonna rant this mother out on my blog as soon as I prepare my speech for my Procrastinators R Us group meeting. What did you say, Sir Raymond? Oh, the meeting was postponed until a later date? Good! I am sure I won’t use the time to prepare but I will go watch Young & Restless. Cricket is back and Chance cheated on Chloe and Jana wants Kevin back and who killed Hightower? Inquiring minds want to know.

In my case the old saying is true: My life is like a soap opera! At times my soap seems less dysfunction.

BTW. This was supposed to be funny (which I think I always am) but others occasionally misinterpret my attempts at humor for psychotic rants . . . thus, here we are. And, no matter where you go-there you are.

I finished my lovely contest with 3 points with all articles rated last or second to last. Gotta smile about my Crystal Bowersox story 4/5 as she tweeted me a thank you with a short note (140 characters or less) that my article was one of the most accurate she has read about her pre-Idol experience. Tell that to the stupid person collecting 20 bucks or whatever $$$ inspired her to rewrite my article. I hate to be a hater, but I hate cheaters.

4 of 5[PJY1] Write now Article Tools
by EJ Young
Once upon a time a little girl from Ohio did not get to live in a fairy tale world. Yet, her life could end up as a happily-ever-after story. [PJY3] Instead of a fairy godmother, Crystal Bowersox has American Idol[PJY4] to thank for her success story.
Crystal’s real life resembles a fairy tale in many ways. Transformed from a girl without much magic in her childhood into a pop princess who has the potential to spin music into gold, Crystal's life seems to reflect a rags to riches theme. “I knew from the time I was 6 or 7 that music was something I had to do,” she said.
ipt type="text/javascript"> Over the next few years she taught herself how to play the guitar, piano and harmonica. By the time she was 10 she had some paying gigs. At age 12 she was organizing business cards and playing venues chauffeured by her dad. The money she earned helped pay bills. By 17 she considered dropping out of high school to focus on a music career. Instead she transferred to Toledo School for the Arts to hone her craft and earn a diploma. [PJY5]


I hate it when people rant long rants and don’t break paragraphs up into groups of one or two sentences and don’t break sentences down to one or two words and don’t spelleheck or use proper anything and expect us to read it. FYI all you crap magnets out there, as an experienced contest writer, I have many others things to do.
EJ (on-going rant. Break for soap opera)
[PJY1](sweet-at least I ain’t last like I am in the other titles)
[PJY2]yes I had three stars before succombing to contest fever)

[PJY3]I wouldn’t advise anyone to comment on the level of cheesiness of this lead unless you want to suffer the wrath of EJ. Now is not a good time. I'll look at my schedule and see when I can fit you in. First I gotta go to my Procratinators R Us meeting. . .

[PJY4]Great reality show. Check it out sometime!

[PJY5]See what reality shows can do for you? Plus, she can sing! Nevermind I guess that happened BEFORE the show.

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