Thursday, August 12

Another challenge

Photo of Andy during Sr. Day UK Softball
with her Grandpa Bud who passed away in July.
She was recovering from another surgery
and could not go to his funeral.

August 12 noon

 For those waiting for address:  Andy is out of intensive care.  You can send cards to her at:

Andrea Eilertson Room #667 Mercy Medical Center 111 6th Ave. Des Moines, IA 50314. Needs to rest so Dr. wants visitors limited to 2 at a time. Want to keep her calm and allow time to sleep when pain meds are given

Summary of Updates on Facebook

August 12 6 AM

Andy is still in Neuro Intensive Care Unit at Mercy as planned. She is doing well. Lots of drs in an out and lots of meds. Taking anti-swelling med, anit-seizure med--other procedures related to the left part of the brain where damaged area was removed. They removed catheter and she was able to get out of bed and use restroom.

She finally slept last night for a few hours. No further prognosis at this time. Did MRI this morning, infectious disease continues to work on biopsied sample, blood etc. trying to get a firm diagnosis as soon as possible.

Nuero team also analyzing their sample. Nothing definite yet. She is anxious to get moving and more than willing to do what drs ask. Typical Andy, she is worried about others, if her guys are doing okay at work, if I've slept, if her sister is doing okay, if Anna likes new daycare, asks about all the flooding etc. Talks a little slower and maybe takes a few seconds to put everything together, but neurologic functions are all normal and nothing not to be expected at this stage.

Hope to post a pic later-not sure if she will approve. We'll see. She looks great with a skull cap/stocking hat type covering on head so she looks like she's wearing one of her usual hats. Can't wear glasses due to left ear being enclosed and taped into the whole bandage thing which kinda ticks her off which is a good sign!

Hope to have soon real news later. I know she appreciates all the thoughts and prayers of friends, relatives and the special people she's been lucky enough to know through softball, football, UK, policework and MVM.

I am most assured by her deep sense of faith. I know she believes that all is good no matter what happens but I also think she might be just a little scared under that tough exterior.

I will limit future posts to medical only updates. As she slowly gains control of pain, she will most likely post information herself.

August 11
Andy out of surgery. Did well. Stayed awake the whole time. Removed section of brain with abnormal cells. Some drs think tumor, some think infection, doing more tests to make firm diagnosis. Having CT and then in ICU. Will update when we know more.

August 11
Went into surgery 10:45. Doing what is called awake craneonomy w/resection or biopsy. Best choice if person can tolerate it and she opted to do it. She is sedated to the extent she can still communicate so they can ask her questions and monitor her speech when they take the biopsy. Less chance of damaging cells directly related to speech if she can talk. Uncomfortable but tolerable was the way neurosurgeon explained, anestheologist is there and they can stop and do general anesthesia if she needs to. Surgery estimated at 2 hrs to 4 hrs depending on pathology.

Dr. thinks one of two things. 1. infection or 2. tumor. If tumor most likely will remove damaged area unless too risky due to location but he thinks it is low enough not to be high risk for speech/seizures. If cancer then further treatment needed. If not still best not to leave damaged cells in brain to cause more problems. Will update after surgery.

For Andy's friends: address is Mercy Hospital 1111 6th ave Des Moines IA 50314. after surgery she will be in ICU for 24-48 hrs then assigned reg room. surgery is biopsy of left temporal lobe of brain to determine reason for swelling and inflammation will update on her facebook as info changes

where daughter andy is recovering from brain surgery

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