Thursday, May 20


Finally, as in Thank God It's Almost Over finally, American Idol is down to the final two. The added surprise bonus? America finally got it right choosing the two best singers in the bunch. Of course, most of the other votes were pretty much screwed up.  Hmmm, let's keep off key man Aaron Kelly around for awhile. Or how about that Michael, a-daddy-feel-sorry-for-him-get-saved-and-make-it-all-the-way-to-the-final-four-based-on-his-one-dimentional-style-but-his-kid-is-so-cute, Lynche? At least Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze kinda represent what the show was orginally supposed to be about.  They both come from nothing and have some raw talent.
Bowersox definitely has the upper hand in musical talent with more range, diversity of style and ability to play instruments.  She seems more of a natural musician, but Dewyze's gravely voice would sound sweet on the tubes.  Let's face it Idol haters or lovers, it's the females who bring in the big bucks as Idol winners.  Can you say Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson? Don't be countin' guys who didn't win the title! Just count the legitimate American Idols-you know, the ones that could stay in Arizona. Your Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry types would get shipped out of the state. They don't have the proper papers. Yes, they are big stars but they ain't bonified Idols!
So bring it on peeps! And, try NOT to make it all about our egotistical host and judges. Please let us listen to the two finalists and keep your fat heads out of it as much as possible. I'll be speed dialin' for Bowersox, but either of them beats the hell out of last year's winner-or how about that one pathetic loser guy with the old fold hair? Where is Hicks now? Hopefully, he's living in a trailer somewhere in Arizona with all the other bonified breeds.
BTW I must admit my old lady status because the whole Justin Bieber thing seemed like a big joke. He just doesn’t do much for me. Okay, he's cute and cuddly but what's the big deal? His Idol performance looked like kid’s night at the karaoke bar. Really.

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