Sunday, April 11

Judges cave, guilty of premature bailout

I am all for calling out the pushover American Idol judges for throwing the lifejacket to a guy who’s gonna leave soon anyway. What a waste! Waaaaaaay too soon. Did they watch their antics with the save from last season?

Word to the quartet of saviours: there will be rage against the team if Bowersox or Dewyze pay for your premature bailout.

Judges cave! And I thought Simon's were made of steel, only to find out they're nonexistent.

The four American Idol judges let emotion replace common sense when they tossed the solo save to Michael Lynche after the top 9 vote results. A favorite of the other contestants and the judges, Big Mike has a big personality to match his size and teddy bear appeal. As far as the competition goes, the words of Alanis Morissette seem to sum it up, “Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?”

It appears the judges proved the very thing they’ve worked so hard to deny. American Idol is not really a singing competition at all. Finding the best singer, the best performer, the best vocal talent is not the primary goal. Last season seemed to underscore that fact. Those same four unanimous judges better hope, cross their fingers and pinky swear that Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze don’t get offered up as a musical sacrifice.

The judges obviously did not let history teach them a lesson on the ‘to save’ or ‘not to save’ quandary. Last year the judges used the unanimous save for Matt Giraud. Of course, the very next week who got voted out of Season 8? Matt Giraud.

The infamous save should probably never be used unless all the judges agree the person to be rescued should be the eventual winner. As it was most likely intended when the executives came up with the idea, the save adds an element of drama. It's that dreaded sick feeling soap opera kind of drama. The drama this year is much bigger than last year with the Giraud save. Plus, using the save means two people get sent home the following week.

As previously noted this season with the likes of the talented Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert booted before the final 12 cut, anything can happen. Michael Lynche is definitely a talented performer. He’s a good singer and an excellent actor. Even on his best night, he is not in the same league as at least three other contestants who will sink straight out of the competition if the votes don’t save them. Big Mike most likely deserved to stay longer than a few contestants who seem to keep sliding by, but not at the high cost of the one and only save when the best singers are still at risk.

If fans take an honest look at Lynche’s journey with American Idol, it’s not a big stretch to realize many viewers probably felt sorry for him because of the whole baby mama drama. True, it must have been difficult for him to be in Hollywood when his wife was having their baby. But, there are choices to make in life and the choice was theirs. He sacrificed being with his wife during childbirth. It surely looks like it was well worth the sacrifice. Separating viewer pity votes from those who truly think he’s the best singer would be quite a challenge. In any case, it’s not Lynche’s fault the judges got all warm and gooey and opted to keep his smilin’ face around.

On the flipside of that shiny coin, it will be the judge’s fault if one of the front runners gets erased too soon. It’s too bad the judges can’t get voted off the island. A couple of them might not get that golden ticket known as a save.

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