Wednesday, March 17

Lament for Lily and Alex

Two obvious points about the top twelve Rolling Stone’s night:
#1. Siobhan Magnus the Magnificent.
#2. Woefully apparent that Lilly Scott should be Katie Stevens and Alex Lambert should be
Tim Urban.
As it rarely happens, I might admit Aaron Kelly was decent tonight and maybe I made a tiny mistake sweeping him off the stage so soon. But, this was the first song he’s ever, EVER, sung that didn’t make me want to hurt him. The shocker is that I love, LOVE, the Stone’s song Angie and I liked Aaron’s unsappy and somewhat sincere version of the haunting tune. Instead of sounding loud and off key in his usual style, Aaron shaped the lyrics into an intimate but powerful ballad/country/pop kind of thing. I’m not crazy about the kid or anything, he just did okay tonight. Okay, more than okay... I’m just sayin’.

Crystal Bowersox once again was vocally stellar. She ripped up the song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” in her own personal style showing confidence and natural presence on the stage. Her only problem-well, not hers but the voter’s, is the lack of drama. She sings. Siobhan’s “Paint It Black” grabbed the spotlight due to drama-some pipes too, but not a voice to hear on the radio like Crystal. She dressed the part, walked the walk, played the role . . . WOW! I just realized I described Adam Lambert from last season and I groupie Adam. Shoot. I guess I can’t call Siobhan out so much. Hmmm. I hate when that happens. Okay, let’s regroup. So Siobhan took a tip from Adam capturing the audience with her over-the-top drama. Starting like a waltz tune, the music eventually spilled over to rock and kept building to her already recognizable moniker of the screamin meamies scream. Then-watch out! Bring it all down and HUSH, finish it off softly. Nice.Nice drama. Siobhan might challenge Crystal in the finals, but what’s next after fishnet stockings with combat boots and a short satin dress? OMG again. She kinda looked like Ace Ventura with the tutu!

Other performances worth noting: Casey James with his bluesy-rock with just a hint of country version of “It’s All Over Now”. His hotness returned. He obviously had fun and his electric guitar must have given him a little extra jolt. He seems way more lively and “into to it” than usual. In other words Kara was drooling again. Ellen did bring out some funnies in response to his performance finally coming across as witty instead of corny. He comments tonight were actually her own instead of ditto and ditto of the Dawg’s remarks. But, Kara still needs to get voted off the island. She’s so into herself she forgets she’s supposed to be talking about the contestants.

Lee Dewyze shoulda done lots more with Beast of Burden or picked a different song. It was like he tried to shape a rock song into We R the World but he was Sara McLachlan. He’s gotta go all out real soon. Michael Lynche stayed solid but really, people? He’s a player. An entertainer. A performer. He grabs attention and has fun and we have fun and everybody has fun. So what? His voice ain’t nothing different. Same old same old. His personality and pity points (still the wife had a baby and I was in Hollywood thing) are gonna take him into territory where he doesn’t belong.

Paige Mills is still not one of my favorites but showed some pipes with “Honkey Tonk Woman”. She came close to feeling it on a few notes but then pulled her head back into her shell. She improved. Andrew Garcia did not. Lacey Brown did not.

Bottom feeder’s tags go out to Katie and Tim. Andrew and Lacey. Katie and Tim. Whatever. Just leave Crystal and Siobhan out of it. And Casey and Lee. And, just kidding take anybody else. I’m over it. BUT I’m not over Lilly and Alex!

Cliff notes version:
Siobhan=best singing/drama queen (Adam Lambert wanna be) definitely top dog of the night
Crystal=still the best pure musician but now she needs to jump through the hoops and do some cheap tricks (NO, as in choreography, costuming, building a set) to prove she can do shallow stuff and own the stage. If she wasn’t co-best of breed at this dog show she was the runner-up grand champion.

Somewhere between family pet and show dog=Casey, Michael, Aaron, Lee. Didi is scratching at the door to come into the house.

Stray mutts in the alley=Katie, Tim, Lacey, Andrew.

Let’s just put Paige on the porch for now. You know-as in, “If you can’t run with the big dogs stay out on the porch.” I don’t know where she’ll end up dawg.

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