Saturday, March 13

Here's the fit (as promised)

Stupid. *^%$$#(*&!

Lilly not in the top 12? Really? I guess I forgot voters are looking for some stereotypical package of the perfect America boy/girl image. OMG Lilly has white hair, so scratch her off the list. Never mind her originality and edgy voice. Since America voted Lilly off before the likes of Katie, Lacey, Didi or Paige, we don’t need a reminder of the fact that American Idol is NOT about singing. It’s an image. It’s America’s fascination with unreality. Truthiness. That’s it. Callers who vote end up convincing themselves that a 16-year-old (who has slaughtered a couple songs) is a better singer than Lilly (whose been consistently creative and impressive on every outing) are subconsciously thinking of the long dark hair properly coiffed vs. the dyed white hair. Churn out Idols who LOOK the way we expect them to look—if they can sing a little too, it’s all good.

If people were willing to ditch Lilly’s talent, who knows? Crystal might be next. After all, she has dreadlocks and a kid. Who cares that she’s an incredible singer with a unique style? She doesn’t play to the camera or dress like a model so I suppose she’s gotta go.

Booting Alex was also a HUGE mistake. Double stupid. Unbelievable that Tim and Aaron are still around. Really? Could Aaron sing any worse? I guess we should look forward to more off key semi-howling noises. And oh goodie, Tim has more chances to bore me to sleep while watching TV.
Alex has such an awesome smoky sound in his unusual voice. Very different. No one like him. The judges have all talked about his potential as a singer. Isn’t that what Idol is about? Finding raw talent and developing that talent? DUH. Not so much. Evidently, it’s all about finding singers who are already polished, experienced and ready to cut a record. Alex represents all that is the REAL search for an American Idol (singer, that is). Hopefully, the judges will bring him back with a wildcard vote or an escape-caller’s-stupidity card or some such Mulligan.

Next year save of us some time, peeps. Stop auditioning people who want a chance to BECOME a professional singer and just meet their agents. If Idols are supposed to be polished and professional then call it that way. Don’t crush some kid’s dream because he’s not EXPIERENCED! He’s not supposed to be. I am so, so sorry Alex. Someone should have told you they no longer seek raw talent but polished professionals ready to make big bucks NOW.

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