Saturday, March 20

Can Katie or Tim Take a Turn Please?

So we said goodbye to Lacey Brown. Liked her version of “The Story” and like her look. But, bu-buy. Bound to happen soon. Just should not have happened with the likes of Mr. Karaoke himself, Tim Urban, still in the mix. Katie (I-m-cute-and-off-key and my mama still dresses me) Stevens should not outlast Lacey . . . or Katelyn Epperly. . . or Alex Lambert. . . or Lilly Scot. . . or pretty much anybody but , once again, no one asked me. Shoot. Billy Currington said it best, “God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.” I guess I’d cross out the word crazy and use stupid instead. A matter of personal taste. All of us are crazy-to a certain extent anyway. What?

Oh yes. Idol. The Rolling Stones was an interesting selection of music; now let’s see if they revert to the same old crap. Or (as I think of it) let’s see what Katie can slaughter next or what Tim can mess up or if Aaron will slip back to annoying status or if Paige can transition out of robot setting or if Andrew will revert to talent instead of carrying the pity vote . . . Oh, the delicious possibilities. It’s kinda like my Days Haze or the Old and the Rested, aka my soap opera fix.

The only solid, for sure, bonified, she’s a keeper is still Crystal Bowersox. So what if it looks like it ‘comes to her’ easy? Do the judges want her to go all Alex-let’s-throw-up nervous or do the forget-the-lyrics trick? Her voice beats any of the others. Her style (for me) is perfect-unassuming and not over the top. It allows me to focus on the music and the story of the song. Siobhan Magnus is not a consistent quality singer. She may be the better “performer” but-remember kids, this is all about the best singer! (Sure it is-just not last year).

That reminds me, when will Adam Lambert be performing on the show? Huh? Every other former contestant who was ever a finalist in the history of television has graced (or not) the stage. We want Adam! We want Adam! We want Adam! Now there’s a person who CAN sing AND perform. Too bad we can’t move out of the stereotype of the cookie cutter American Dream-type Idol. For those of us who are REALLY old, remember Eddie Haskell? That’s what I thought. I’m so smart, I amaze myself sometimes. Then other times I tend to forget what I am talking about and . . .

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