Thursday, March 11

Big 12 better tag my big 6 or it's a big fit

The top 8 guys fell short. It is gonna be women in the finals this year. Simon and all the judges went gaga over Big Mike’s performance. It was good, but c’mon it was NOT the best live performance of the season! He’ll go further in this competition than his voice should take him just because he’s so damn cute and sweet and his story is “aw shucks”.
(Continuing with flawed judges) Plus, Aaron wasn’t even close to decent. When he slaughtered Lonestar’s “I’m already there” I found myself thinking that I wished he was already there—home that is. He sounded like a wounded coyote howling for his mama. Yes, he is a nice kid but it’s time to go back to high school for Aaron and I so wish Todrick would just walk away, too. His okay performance last night still showed lack of anything close to a good voice. He’s just too generic as a singer. That’s what Idol’s all about, remember? Right.

Speaking of voices, I gotta love Mullet Boy’s (aka Alex) smoky voice. He will break out of his restraints soon! My prediction: When he cuts off the dated mullet that is holding him back, he will break out like the rock star that he really is. Fire and lightning style. Watch out for Alex if he stays around this week.

Lee was pretty predictable but still solid. Love him. Casey was back to his sincere crooning self. Love him. Good voice even better to look at. Tim did a good job but he just reminded me that Tyler Grady should be there instead. He got the shaft thanks to judge’s comments bemoaning his trapped in the ‘70s persona—never mind that they all bragged him up and encouraged the look and sound. There you go.

Whoops I almost forgot Andrew. I guess that’s because his performance was forgettable. I’m kinda tired of waiting for another good song from him. I wouldn’t weep if he doesn’t make the top 12 so much either. Except that I want Todrick and Aaron not to make it more than I want Andrew not to make it.

Comment on judge’s comments: I am BORED with Randy starting each critique! It’s more fun when we get to see real reactions instead of playing off Randy’s comments. Dawg. I mean really. Yo, yo. Change it up, dude. It’s just not that real for me, man. I gotta say I’m not gettin’ it. Plus, I still think Kara needs to be voted off the island. Kara was sickening. Ellen was sincere. Simon was too pleasant.

Let’s review:

Tonight I wanna see Aaron and Todrick wave boo-bye – or Andrew. Then, I wanna see DiDi, Lacey or Katie go, but it will probably be Paige and maybe (I hope not) Katelyn who was mislead by Simon’s corny comment about corniness. I was pulling for my home girl until she went all mediocre on me.

Bottom line for females: I love Crystal followed by really like Lilly and Siobhan. Like Katelyn. The remaining clump? Don’t care.

Bottom line for males: No one steps up really, but I like Lee and Alex followed by the hot Casey and the cute Big Mike. Any other? Shrug.

If I get my wish of my top three guy picks and top three girl picks into the final 12, I’ll call it a win! If I don’t, I’ll call it stupid.

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